New book on Empirical Software Engineering Research

We are glad to announce the most complete book on Empirical Software Engineering has been recently launched in printed and electronic formats.

So far, it has received very positive feedback on the book from the software engineering community. And, it will be presented in this year’s International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN) meeting.

The book includes several chapters on topics like design science, research synthesis, open science, experiments, and gray literature. These are contributions of international researchers dedicated to investigating how to improve research in software engineering.

Breno (LASER member) contributes with a chapter on the role of simulation-based studies in software engineering research, in collaboration with Nauman Bin Ali from the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden).

Take a look and enjoy!

We are happy to inform you! CBSoft 2020

This year, LASER members have four papers accepted in CBSoft 2020!

CBSoft is the greatest Brazilian conference on software engineering and will be entirely virtual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Accepted works focus on three areas of interest in the laboratory: software architecture, continuous software engineering, and adaptive systems.

SBCARS 2020:

  • Jorge Luiz Machado da Silva, Breno de França, Cecilia Rubira. Generating Trustworthiness Adaptation Plans Based on Quality Models for Cloud Platforms
  • Daniel Apolinário, Breno de França. Towards a method for monitoring the coupling evolution of microservice-based architectures

SBES 2020 – Innovative Ideas and Emerging Results:

  • Jorge Luiz Machado da Silva, Breno de França, Cecilia Rubira. Generating Adaptation Plans Based on QualityModels for Cloud Platforms

SBES 2020 – Tools:

  • Gabriel Augusto Destro, Breno de França. Mining Software Repositories for the Characterization of Continuous Integration and Delivery

Congratulations for the authors!