Visit of Dr. Andrea Ceccarelli

In July we received the visit of Dr. Andrea Ceccarelli, from the University of Florence, Italy. Andrea was visiting UNICAMP for three weeks, as part of the ADVANCE project. His main research interests are the design, monitoring and experimental evaluation of critical and secure systems and systems of systems.

As part of his visit, Andrea held a seminar entitled On anomaly-based intrusion detection: from algorithms evaluation to algorithms selection, in which he discussed ongoing work on evaluating and selecting anomaly detection algorithms in the security domain.

During his stay, Andrea also discussed with researchers and students about possible collaborations during the project.

With Lucas Leal he discussed the progress on the work on testing of service orchestrations using model-driven techniques. Lucas is being co-supervised by Andrea in his PhD, and he will spend a 6-months period working on this topic at the University of Florence, starting at the end of 2019.

With Elder de Oliveira he discussed possible joint work to be performed on the topic of specifying coding conventions with structured models, a topic on which Elder is working for his Master’s project. Elder will also spend a period in Florence at the end of 2019, funded by a FAPESP BEPE scholarship.