Working on Automated Adaptation at Carnegie Mellon University

The last months have seen an intense collaboration between LASER and the ABLE research group from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, USA.

Sheila Venero, PhD student from LASER, and her supervisor, Prof. CecĂ­lia Rubira, spent a period there to work on the topic of automated adaptation and automated planning. Sheila’s PhD exchange was funded by the Santander Scholarships Program, for a duration of four months.

The ABLE group, leaded by Prof. David Garlan and Prof. Bradley Schmerl, focuses on software architecture approaches to improve the quality of software systems, researching on new tools, notations, and methods. In particular, they are specialized in architectures for self-adaptive systems.

In the visit, Sheila worked together with CMU researchers on the final part of her PhD thesis, addressing the problem of generating optimal plans for Knowledge-intensive Processes (KiPs) in the medical domain.