Virtual Café

While all the research and teaching activities at the Institute of Computing will continue to happen in remote for the first half of 2021, we started to feel the need to have an informal meeting space for our lab, where we can just meet and have a talk. Also, because new students are being admitted in the Postgraduate Program, but they don’t have the opportunity to meet the other people of the lab.

Starting from last month we will have a periodic “Virtual Café”, a kind of extended coffee break in which we can keep updated on what other people are doing, or simply end the Friday afternoon together.

The format is mixed: a first part with a research talk and discussion, and then free informal discussion. In November, this presentation on “Self-Assessment of Cyber-Physical Systems”, was followed by an even deeper discussion on the handling of aquariums!

All the members of the LASER group should already have received an invitation. Want to schedule your presentation in the next café? Want to join as an external participant? Want to suggest something? Just contact us!