LASER at PRDC 2019

The 24th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC 2019) was happening last week in the evocative city of Kyoto, Japan. The LASER group participated with the paper Towards a Structured Specification of Coding Conventions, presented by Leonardo in the “Software II” session.

The paper is part of the work carried out by Elder Rodrigues Jr. during his Master’s project, which focuses on simplifying the management and verification of coding conventions, using model-driven engineering techniques.

One of the major problems in managing and enforcing coding conventions is that they are typically described using natural language. This makes it difficult to derive checkers, as they must be programmed ad-hoc for each rule. In this paper, we defined a language to provide a structured, unambiguous, specification of those rules, using model-driven engineering techniques. The language, called Coding Conventions Specification Language (CCSL) is applied to rules for two popular coding conventions for the Java language.

The conference featured an interesting program covering different topics in the dependable computing area, nicely summarized in the tag cloud below.