LASER Researchers in Florence

January is time for an update from our researchers in Florence. Three researchers from the LASER group are at the moment visiting the Resilient Computing Lab (RCL) at the University of Florence, Italy, as part of the ADVANCE project.

Elder Rodrigues Jr. arrived in October 2019 and will stay a few days more, until the end of January. He has been working closely with Andrea Ceccarelli extending his Master’s work on the specification of coding conventions, with the objective to apply a similar approach to perform software fault injection.

Lucas Leal arrived in November 2019 and will stay for a total of six months, supported by a CAPES PrInt scholarship. He will also work with Andrea as part of his dual diploma PhD course, on different aspects related to the testing of software orchestration. At present, he is working on applying MDE techniques for the testing of service orchestrations, following the proposal in his short paper presented at EDCC 2019.

Leonardo is also spending a month there, to supervise the work of Elder and Lucas, and also discuss with the local researchers about further possible collaborations and next steps to be performed within the project.